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Posted on June 30, 2022
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⚜️"Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day" explained. Holiday Lesson. Everybody Loves English.

Hello everyone and welcome back
to Everybody Loves English
with ME, your English teacher,
Mr. Nick!

Today's video is about a very popular
holiday in one of Canada's largest of
10 provinces, Quebec!

Quebec has it's own flag which is often
called the “Fleurdelisé”.

There's a white cross on a blue
background which pays tribute to an
ancient French military banner, and the
four fleurs-de-lis are also symbols of

Quebec is known for many things!

The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

The 24 and soon to be 25-time Stanley
Cup Champions, the Montreal Canadiens.

Quebec is known for their world
famous and delicious poutine which is
a dish made with French fries, cheese
curds, and a hot gravy which gets
poured on top and melts the cheese
onto the fries.

Quebec also produces A LOT
of maple syrup. I mean A LOT of it!

Quebec is also known for it's famous
stars and celebrities, like Celine Dion,
the late great poet and musician Leonard
Cohen, tennis champion Eugenie Bouchard
and world famous English teacher and
YouTube star, Mr. Nick (cough, cough)
Ok, maybe not.

Now that you know a little bit about
Quebec, let's talk about the holiday they
celebrate every year on June 24th!

It's called Saint Jean Baptiste Day!

Québec celebrates Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Day as a public holiday each year.

Nothing stays open! Government offices
and most stores are closed on this day.

Quebec's National holiday is also known
as the "Fête Nationale du Québec", which
translates to National Quebec Day,
and as we mentioned before, it occurs
every year on June 24.

According to a 2016 survey by the
Canadian government, almost a
quarter of Canadians speak French as
their primary language! There are many
French Canadians in other parts of Canada
who also celebrate Saint-Jean Baptiste
Day too, but they don't get the day off.
Only residents of Quebec do.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day was first
celebrated in France. A holiday was created
there to honor John the Baptist, who had
baptized Jesus Christ.

During the French colonization of
North America in the 1600's, the holiday
came to North America from France.

As time passed, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day
became more of a patriotic celebration than
a religious celebration. Montreal hosted the
first Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day parade in 1843.

This event has since become a yearly tradition.

Founded in 1947, the Mouvement National
des Québécoises et Québécois (National
Movement of Quebecers) has been active
in protecting French Canadian culture.

St. Jean-Baptiste Day celebrations are still
organized by this group today, which include
sports competitions, concerts, and firework


Now, Here's your homework!

Do you live in the province or have
you ever visited Quebec?

If so, tell me what the best part
of Quebec is for you?

Did you try any local dishes
or restaurants?

Were you able to celebrate
Saint Jean Baptiste Day?

Tell us about that
in the comments section below !

You can also find the written transcript
of today's lesson, below the video
in the description area.

I can't wait to see them all!

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Bonne fete Saint Jean a tout le monde!
Happy Saint Jean Baptiste Day everyone,
and thanks again for watching

See you soon! 🙂


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